YoucanPay, a popular payment gateway, is a reliable choice for businesses in Morocco. This guide outlines easy steps to integrate it with Lightfunnels

Steps to Integrate YoucanPay into Lightfunnels:

Log into your Lightfunnels account.

Go to Settings.

Select Payment Gateways.

Integrate YoucanPay as a Payment Gateway:

  • In the Payment Gateways section, click on Add Payment Gateway.
  • Choose YoucanPay from the list of available gateways.

Enter Your YoucanPay Credentials:

  • You will need to input specific details such as your API Key. Ensure these are entered correctly to avoid transaction issues.
  • After completing the configuration, ensure to connect YoucanPay with your funnel or store

Watch the video below for a step-by-step guide on setting up YoucanPay with Lightfunnels.

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