Let's create a lead generation funnel to collect emails or phone numbers from your prospects and build a list of leads.

When creating the funnel, feel free to open any page to edit it in the Page Builder.

Creating a New Funnel

To create a new funnel, click on Funnels on the sidebar then on New Funnel.

Choose to Collect Leads.

Lead Gen Funnel Creation

Choose a theme for your funnel then click Create my Funnel.

Enter a name for your funnel and a URL then click Open the Funnel.

You have now created a funnel and opened it in the funnel builder.

A lead generation funnel is composed of a Squeeze Page and a Thank You page. A common practice is to have a Squeeze Page in front of an e-commerce funnel.

Now you can open each page in the Page Builder to edit it to your liking.