Introduction to the Funnel Builder

A sales funnel is a series of pages that your customer goes through in their buying process. The funnel builder allows you to build your funnel in a simple yet intuitive manner. Funnel BuilderNavigationTo navigate around the funnel builder, you can: Pan around by clicking an empty area and dragging

Funnel Page Types

Your funnel is composed of different page types. Each type serves a different purpose. Product PageProduct pages are used to display information about your product and offer. Your customers can learn about your product, features, testimonials and reviews. Most importantly, this is where the customer can choose a product variant

Create an E-Commerce Funnel

Let's create an e-commerce funnel to sell your product. PrerequisitesBefore creating an e-commerce funnel, you need to have the following: A product to sell. Learn how to add a product here.A payment method added to your Payment Gateways.When creating the funnel, feel free to open any page to

Create a Lead Generation Funnel

Let's create a lead generation funnel to collect emails or phone numbers from your prospects and build a list of leads. When creating the funnel, feel free to open any page to edit it in the Page Builder. Creating a New FunnelTo create a new funnel, click on Funnels on

Setting up Split Tests

A Split Test, also known as an A/B test, is an experiment for determining which of different variations of a page performs better by presenting each version to users at random and analyzing the results. Running Split Tests has a lot of advantages like improving user engagement, reducing the


Introduction: The Lightfunnels Currency System allows you to assign specific currencies to your funnels or stores within the Lightfunnels platform. This feature provides flexibility and convenience when dealing with multiple currencies, ensuring accurate price display and transaction processing. This documentation will guide you through the currency system and its configuration

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