The Lightfunnels Currency System allows you to assign specific currencies to your funnels or stores within the Lightfunnels platform. This feature provides flexibility and convenience when dealing with multiple currencies, ensuring accurate price display and transaction processing. This documentation will guide you through the currency system and its configuration process.

Currency Assignment:

You can assign a currency to each funnel or store during setup. The assigned currency determines the displayed prices and processed transactions exclusively within that funnel or store. The default currency is based on your account settings.

Currency Dependency:

Each funnel or store operates independently regarding currency. Assigning a currency to a specific funnel or store doesn't affect others. This flexibility allows catering to different markets and customer segments effectively.

Example Scenario:

For example, Funnel 1 is set to USD, and Funnel 2 is set to GBP. Prices and transactions in Funnel 1 will be in USD, while in Funnel 2, they will be in GBP. This ensures localized shopping experiences for customers in different regions.

Currency Analytics:

Lightfunnels provides a comprehensive currency analytics dashboard. You can monitor and analyze the performance of each currency individually. By switching the currency in the dashboard, you can access specific insights and reports, enabling data-driven decisions for pricing and marketing strategies.

Currency Conversion:

Lightfunnels includes built-in currency conversion functionality. Prices and transactions will be automatically converted between currencies based on current exchange rates. Customers view prices in their local currency, and transactions are processed accordingly.

Please note that transaction fees will be applied based on the currency assigned to your funnel or store.


The Lightfunnels Currency System allows assigning currencies to funnels or stores, ensuring accurate price representation and seamless transaction processing. Each funnel or store operates independently with its assigned currency. The platform provides currency analytics for monitoring performance. Currency conversion is supported, enhancing the shopping experience for customers in different currencies.