General Settings

Under general settings, you can edit your account related information such as the account name, email addresses and currency. AccountAccount name and imageYour account name and image are for internal use only. They allow you to identify your account among the list of accounts that you have access to. EmailsAccount


Home FunnelThe home funnel is the funnel the visitors will see after visiting the root of your domain name. For example, or Default ThemeThe default funnel is the theme that is automatically used when you view your product in the storefront.


In this area of your account settings, you can invite your team members to your account and grant them different permissions or revoke their access to your account. To add a member, click Add Member then enter their email address and check the permissions you would like to grant them.

Conversion Tracking

Using conversion tracking, you can add the necessary JavaScript code to track your analytics performance and report conversion data back to your advertising platforms for better conversion optimization. Google AnalyticsLightFunnels supports Google Analytics (Universal Analytics). Setup Google Analytics using these instructions from Google. Once your account is created, you should

Legal Pages

This is the content of your legal pages. Generally, your legal pages are stored in your funnel generic pages. Edit your Privacy Policy, Refund Policy and Terms of Service here. Thanks to data binding, the legal pages content set in your settings is automatically used throughout all your funnels without

Emails & SMS

Email and SMS settings allow you to edit the emails and SMS messages that are automatically sent to your customers from LightFunnels. Order EmailsYou can edit the following emails Order Confirmation EmailOrder Cancelled EmailOrder Refund EmailOrder Fulfillment EmailThe emails are in HTML format. Locate the texts that you want to


Integrations allow you to sync your order and customer data with third party services such as email marketing or webinar platforms. Go to Integrations for a list of supported integrations. We are constantly adding new integrations every month.


The pricing in LightFunnels is composed of two parts. A flat fee per month ( if you are on a paid plan )A small percentage of the salesCheck out our pricing page for more details on pricing.


Connecting your domain name to LightFunnels allows you to hide the lightfunnels branding from your storefront, making your pages look more professional. To add a custom domain name, make sure you register your domain name at a domain registrar such as Namecheap, GoDaddy or any domain name service of your

Security Layers

OverviewAt Lightfunnels, we take your security seriously. We understand that online businesses like yours can face threats from fake orders, automated bots, and malicious actors. To ensure a safe and secure environment for you, we have implemented several security layers and features. In this document, we'll explain how these features

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