Page Builder

Introduction to the Page Builder

Using the Page Builder, you can build any type of landing page inside an intuitive drag and drop interface. Let's take a look! LightFunnels Page BuilderTo access the Page Builder, open a funnel and click on the page that you want to edit. The builder has 3 main areas. The

Page Elements

Text Elements Element Description A block of text that can serve mainly as a paragraph. The text can be edited from the sidebar or by directly inside the content area by double clicking it. A block of text that can serve as a headline, subheadline or title. A list wrapper.

Elements Styles

Each element inside the Page Builder can be styled from the sidebar under the Style tab. The styling options are grouped in categories. Some options may be available or unavailable depending on the element type. Styling elements on the Style TabHere is a list of the most common styles that

Page Structure and Layouts

Understanding how the page layout works will allow you to easily create any type of page design you can imagine. At anytime, if you want to have a clear view of your page structure, click on the Layer icon at the very left of the screen to bring up the


With over 60% of visitors coming from mobile devices, your pages should be 100% mobile friendly. LightFunnels was built from the ground up with the mobile experience in mind. Not only you can easily build mobile responsive designs, but also, your pages are optimized to load fast, even on slow

Data Binding

What is Data Binding?Data binding allows you to populate your pages with information from your account and products. For example, you can set a text element inside your page to display the product title or description. Data Binding ExampleYou can bind elements by clicking the bind link inside the

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