CinetPay is a growing payment platform popular in West Africa, ideal for businesses seeking easy and adaptable transactions. This guide is designed for Lightfunnels users who want to integrate a secure payment option tailored to the West African market

Steps to Integrate CinetPay into Lightfunnels:

  • Select Settings.
  • Opt for Payment Gateways.
  • In the Payment Gateways section, click on Add Payment Gateway.
  • From the list of gateways, choose CinetPay.

Setting Up CinetPay Configuration:

  • Upon selecting CinetPay, you'll be prompted to provide essential credentials such as your Merchant ID and API key. Ensure these details are entered accurately to facilitate secure transactions.
  • After completing the configuration, ensure to connect CinetPay with your funnel or store

CinetPay, being a dynamic platform, often introduces updates and enhancements. Regularly check for these updates to ensure you're leveraging the most recent and secure features for your customers.

Happy Selling 💸💸💸