Before creating an e-commerce funnel, you need to have some products to sell.

To create a product, click Products on the sidebar, then click New Product.

Here you can start filling your product information like the title, description and images.

Although you are not required to fill in all the fields, the more information you fill, the more complete your landing pages will look.

You can also try Importing Products from Shopify or AliExpress. But we always recommend filling your product descriptions yourself, so that you can not only better persuade your customers but also have a unique product page for SEO purposes.

Product Properties

Below is a description of each product property

  • Title - The name for your product as you want your customers to see it.
  • Description - The description for your product. This area uses the rich text editor so that you can format your text. Describe your products in detail to inform and persuade your potential customers. If you are a reseller, don't use a manufacturer's exact description, because you want your products to be unique to search engines.
  • Notice text - This is a small text that goes above the call to action button. Use it to notify the visitor about a special offer or to inform them of something important.
  • Images - Add some images to show your customers what the product looks like.
  • Product Type - Whether this is a physical or a digital product. Digital products have the ability to be downloaded.
  • Price - How much you are charging for this product.
  • Tags - Add tags to your products to be able to easily find and group similar products later.
  • Variants - If your product has more than one variant options like sizes or colors, add the different options here to generate different variants.
  • Order Bump - This is an optional offer that is presented to the customer on the checkout page as a checkbox. It is a great way to increase the AOV (average order value).
  • Features - Add images and descriptions for the key features of your product.
  • Testimonials - A list of testimonials from your previous customer or people who used your product.
  • FAQ - Answers to questions your customers may have about your product, offer or shipping.

Product Default Funnel

You can start selling your product right away using the default funnel setup.

On the product page, you can also set the following properties that will affect the default funnel pages.

  • Countdown Timer - A countdown that will appear on your product page, indicating how much time is left for the current offer to be over.
  • Upsell / Downsell - Upsell and downsell products to offer on the default funnel

If you want to update the look of your default funnel, you can do so under Settings -> Funnels.