Analytics Dashboard

The Analytics Dashboard gives you an overview of your performance over a period of time.

You can see performance for all funnels or for a specific funnel by choosing the funnel that you want at the top right corner.

Let's go over the metrics and their meanings.

Metric Name Metric Description
Total Sales The gross sales amount generated
Total Orders The number of orders processed
Returning Customers Rate The number of customers who ordered for the first time versus returning customers
Total Sessions The number of sessions. A session is counted whenever a visitor visits a funnel. The session ends when the visitor stays inactive for 30 minutes.
Average Order Value The total sales divided by the number of orders.
Conversion Rates The percentage of visitors who take an action from the total visits.
Total Leads The number of leads collected.
Sales by Traffic Source How many sales each traffic source has brought you
Top Device Types Devices your visitors are using the most
Top Buying Countries Top countries ordered by gross sales
Top Selling Funnels The best selling funnels
Top Products by Units Sold The products that are sold the most