Email and SMS settings allow you to edit the emails and SMS messages that are automatically sent to your customers from LightFunnels.

Order Emails

You can edit the following emails

  • Order Confirmation Email
  • Order Cancelled Email
  • Order Refund Email
  • Order Fulfillment Email

The emails are in HTML format. Locate the texts that you want to change and make the modifications. If you make a mistake, you can always reset the template by clicking the Reset Template button.

Abandoned Checkouts Emails

Abandoned Checkouts Emails are sent after a delay when an Abandoned Checkout is created. They allow you to recover an abandoned checkout by sending the customer a link to complete their payment.

You can send up to 3 emails to remind the customer to complete their purchase.

Each email as its own analytics.

  • Sent - How many times this email was sent.
  • Recovered - How many checkouts this email has recovered.
  • Conversion Rate - The percentage of times this email was successful at recovering a customer.

Abandoned Checkouts SMS

Just like Abandoned Checkouts Emails, Abandoned Checkouts SMS uses the customer's phone number to send them up to 3 checkout recovery SMS messages.