Under general settings, you can edit your account related information such as the account name, email addresses and currency.


Account name and image

Your account name and image are for internal use only. They allow you to identify your account among the list of accounts that you have access to.


Account Owner's Email

LightFunnels team will use this email if they need to contact you.

Customers From Email

The email from which your customers will receive your LightFunnels emails such as order confirmation or abandoned checkout emails.


This is your business or personal address to use in your invoices and emails.

Time zone

The time zone in which your account will operate. This mainly impacts your tracking and analytics.

Account Currency

The currency that your account will use to charge your customers.

You cannot change this currency after you have made your first order.

Currency Conversion

These are the currencies that will appear on your funnels' settings and will be visible to your visitors. These options will be used on the currency converter on your storefront.