Order Fulfillment

Understanding how orders work in LightFunnels is an important part of running your business. After a customer places an order, it appears in the Orders area of your account. Whenever a new order comes in, you need to prepare and deliver its items . This process is referred to as order

Editing an Order

At any time you can add or remove items from an order. This can happen if the buyer requests a change to their order for some reason like choosing the wrong variant. Open the order that you want to edit and click Edit Order. Adding itemsClick Add ItemsSelect the products

Canceling an Order

To cancel an order, open the order and click Cancel Order. If you want to issue a refund, check Issue refund. Select a cancelation reason and whether you want to notify the user via email or not. Then click Cancel Order.

Refunding Orders

To issue a refund, open the order and click Refund. Choose the number of items you would like to refund from each line item. The amount to refund will be automatically calculated for you. You can edit the amount to your liking. Optionally add a refund reason and choose whether

Abandoned Checkouts

When your customer starts filling the checkout form, a checkout is created. After 15 minutes, if the customer has not completed the checkout process, the checkout is considered abandoned. Abandoned checkouts are listed under Orders -> Abandoned Checkouts. You can recover abandoned checkouts using abandoned checkout emails in the


You can offer discount codes to your customers and prospects. To create a discount, click on Discounts then New Discount. Code - You can generate a random code automatically or enter a custom code. Type - Whether the discount will reduce the price by a percentage or by a fixed

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