Understanding how orders work in LightFunnels is an important part of running your business. After a customer places an order, it appears in the Orders area of your account.

Whenever a new order comes in, you need to prepare and deliver its items . This process is referred to as order fulfillment. You can fulfill products in bulk to save time or manually through the UI.

Fulfilling Orders in Bulk

Bulk fulfillment is an fast way to fulfill multiple orders at the same time. The process is very simple.

  1. Go to Orders and click Export Orders. Choose the orders that you want to export and you'll receive an orders CSV file in your email.
  2. You can open the CSV file in Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets
  3. Populate the tracking number, tracking link and any other info you would like to update
  4. Go back to Orders and choose Sync Orders then upload the updated CSV file

Fulfilling Products Manually

You can fulfill orders manually by going inside an order and clicking Mark as Fulfilled.

Choose the products that you would like to fulfill and if you have a tracking number and a tracking link add them. You can also choose a shipping carrier.

Click Fulfill items to finish.

Fulfilling Digital Products

Digital products are automatically marked as fulfilled.