Zapier allows you to create custom automations with other apps.

Before setting up Zapier, make sure you understand the integrations flow.

To setup a Zapier integration, go to Settings -> Integrations and click Connect next to Zapier.

Follow the steps below to setup your Zapier.

  1. Create or connect to your Zapier account then click on Zaps and choose Create Zap.
  2. Search for LightFunnels on the list of apps
  3. Select the trigger that you want. For example, to do something when an order is created, choose Order / Create.
  4. Click Continue.
  5. Select your LightFunnels account.
  6. Click Test Trigger then Continue.
  7. Choose the application that you want to send the data to. For example Google Spreadsheets or MailChimp.
  8. Continue with the setup for your chosen app.